Inland Investor Visa Group 8 (IIVG8) was formed some years ago as a division of Inland Group, and has received a number of approved I-526’s (Conditional Green Cards). Inland has been located in the same top-floor offices in Newport Beach for over a quarter century. Inland’s activities include development of power plants, EB-5 investment projects, XpressWest (formerly known as DesertXpress) high-speed rail project and development of related infrastructure projects.

Our projects are developed through one of the oldest and most successful Regional Centers. IIVG8 serves as the General Partner of a Limited Partnership which has been formed for the purpose of loaning EB-5 funds to specific projects. We will manage the limited partnership on behalf of the individual foreign investors who then will become Limited Partners. The General Partner will monitor the Limited Partnership’s loans to worthy projects and will work with the Regional Center with respect to compliance with the applicable immigration laws and the EB-5 Visa program.


Because of Inland Investor Visa Group 8’s (IIVG8) proven political and governmental experience, our experienced team, and our 30 years of demonstrated ability to create jobs in the U.S., IIVG8 makes the EB-5 Visa application process as smooth and worry free as possible.

Inland is partner with American Redevelopment Regional Center (ARRC). To date, ARRC has processed petitions for one hundred (100) foreign investors; forty-two (42) of the petitions have already been approved with the remaining petitions still pending the USCIS.  ARRC is proud to maintain a 100% approval rate so far with all of our projects.


Inland has developed nearly 3 billion in projects over the past 10 years. Including the High Desert Power Plant that was awarded the Power Plant of the Year in 2003.

High Desert Power Project
High Desert Power Project (“HDPP”) 830 MW, 3×1 gas combined cycle facility located in Victorville, CA

Power_magazine Winner of Power magazine’s prestigious Power Plant of the Year award when it came on line in 2003. The role of Inland Energy in the plant’s development was specifically cited as a key reason for the award.

Victorville 2
2 X 1 570 MW Combined Cycle integrated with 50 MW Solar Thermal on 300 Acres.
Developed by Inland; owned by City of Victorville. Fully permitted and currently seeking financing.
Palmdale Hybrid
2 X 1 570 MW Combined Cycle integrated with 50 MW Solar Thermal on 300 Acres.
Developed by Inland. Owned by City of Palmdale; but in the process ofbeing sold to a private, third party. Fully Permitted.
Xpress West
Largest Privately Financed High Speed Rail System in the United States.

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Estimated $6 billion in capital. Currently seeking financing; Fully permitted, ready to begin construction.